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How does it perform?
Perfect Working Order no blemishes
Complete Like-New High-End Audio System
2 way, 70Hz-25kHz, 100W, fully adjustable angles
A few photos and link to YouTube channel with videos
A few photos and link to YouTube channel with videos
Wall unit antique solid wood
I have a great condition NX7 and Panamorph UH480 for sale for $6700 both in great condition and very well taken care of.
Sony 75" 900 Marantz 7011 Klipsch RF7IIs Klipsch RC64II Klipsch RS62IIs Klipsch RP500SAs Rythmik F18s Parasound Halo A52+ Oppo 203 Bluesound Node 2i Nvidea Shield Pro Panamax 5300 Sony PS4 Pro
Atmos Home theater 123" screen Panasonic Laser DLP 3D projector
Currently Totem Acoustic speakers & JL Audio F12 (Fathom f112) subwoofer. Upgrading from 5.1 Arcam (CD Player, DVD Player & Preamp) to 5.1.4 system: adding 4 SVS Prime Elevation Speakers, replacing Arcam equipment for Dune HD Ultra Vision 4K (media player), Reavon X200 4K Bluray Player, and...
brand new projector
Blu-ray players: Oppo 205; Oppo 95; Panasonic UDP 9004; Speakers: Martin Logan Motion 60 Txi; Speaker cables: Oehlbach Air Blue 3; Subwoofer: TMA Contrabasso; Pre amp: Parasound: P7; Power amp: Parasound A52 XLR cables: WireWorld LUNA 8
My Home theatre consists of an Anthem AVM 60, Monolith 7, AMC 2N100-5 , Panasonic DP-UB820, and 7 B&W 602S3 , 4 in ceiling PSB Alpha B , and 3 Velodyne 12" 375 Watt Powered Subs.
Sony XBR-77A9G, Denon AVR-X6700H, Panasonic UB-9000 UHD Player, Linn Sekrit Streaming DAC, B&W 802D3 Left/Right, B&W HTM2D3 Center Channel, JL Audio F112v2 Subwoofer, PSB Surround Sides, Niles Outdoor Speakers Surround Back, Rega P3 Turntable, Grace F9-E Phone Cartridge, Pro-Ject Phono PreAmp
My home theater room, it's a work in progress
I took the surround from an infinity Kappa reference 12 and cut the old surround and spider off and added 3 progressive spiders stacked wondering what my power handling is?
TV won’t work NOT a smart tv
Citation sub with LE14h-1 and RBH 441SI with upgraded reference drivers
It is a bedroom, an 'office', and a media room. It is a work in progress. :-)
I'm trying to set my stereo up so I can have sound playing through both my headphones and my speakers. Has anyone attempted this? As soon as I plug the phones in it immediately overrides the speakers and takes over.