Sony Announces Pricing and Availability of 2019 TVs

Today Sony Electronics has announced the pricing and availability of its 2019 Master Series TVs as well as other new models. The lineup includes both LCD and OLED models and features 4K plus 8K options plus screen sizes ranging from 43 inches to 98 inches.

First up is the Z9G 8K LCD. First shown at CES 2019, it is available in 85 inch and 98 inch sizes with the scheduled release in June. These are flagship class TVs that take advantage of 8K resolution thanks to the large screen size. Inside you’ll find the X1 Ultimate processor that’s responsible for delivering 33 million pristine pixels to your eyeballs. The 98-inch option may be pricey, but it brings home theater scale imagery to the living room as well as the ability to play back UHD HDR content with vivid highlights you simply can’t get from a projector.

– 85” Class (84.6” diagonal): $12,999.99 MSRP (available in June)
– 98” Class (97.5” diagonal): $69,999.99 MSRP (available in June)

Next is the A9G 4K OLED. This is Sony’s flagship 4K Master Series TV. It brings the extraordinary native contrast of emissive OLED home in a package that’s designed to “approach that of a professional grade monitor” in terms of its accuracy. You get wide viewing angles as well as absolutely perfect blacks. This TVs image processing is powered by the X1 Ultimate. Three sizes are available: 55-inch, 65-inch and 77-inch.

– 55” Class (54.6” diagonal): $3,499.99 MSRP (available in May)
– 65” Class (64.5” diagonal): $4,499.99 MSRP (available in May)
– 77” Class (76.7” diagonal): $7,999.99 MSRP (available in June)

Just under the Master Series are the A8G OLEDs and X950G LCDs. These more affordable models still offer very high image quality. They support HDR including Dolby Vision.

The X950G series is available in four sizes: 55-inches, 65 inches, 75 inches and 85 inches. It uses a FALD backlight array to increase contrast and has the X1 Ultimate processor inside. You also get Dolby Atmos support, and Apple AirPlay 2 plus HomeKit support is coming soon. While the smaller sizes are now shipping, the 85” will become available in late April (i.e. right about now).

– 85” Class (84.6” diagonal): $4,999.99 MSRP (available late April)
– 75” Class (74.5” diagonal): $3,499.99 MSRP
– 65” Class (64.5” diagonal): $2,199.99 MSRP
– 55” Class (54.6” diagonal): $1,399.99 MSRP

Sony’s A8G 4K OLED TVs come in two sizes and are available with wallet-pleasing MSRP’s. You get the benefits of the 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme that offers object based HDR remastering and taps into a database to choose the best algorithms for image processing. These 2019 TVs are IMAX Enhanced and have Dolby Vision support. Furthermore, the utilize Sony’s unique Surface Audio technology that uses the entire screen as a transducer. Voices appear to come from characters on screen.

– 55” Class (54.6” diagonal): $2,499.99 MSRP (available in May)
– 65” Class (64.5” diagonal): $3,499.99 MSRP (available in May)