Sony PlayStation 5 Will Include Ultra HD Blu-ray & Ship Holidays 2020

Will the PlayStation 5 do for Ultra HD Blu-ray what the PlayStation 3 did for Blu-ray and give the format a big boost among mainstream consumers? It’s impossible to predict the future but no question this is a big deal for anyone who’d like to see disc-based formats stick around for a while longer. In an exclusive article, elaborated on other aspects of this forthcoming console that’s due around the holiday season next year.

Other notable new features of the Playstation 5 mentioned in the Wired article include:

The use of a SSD instead of a conventional hard drive. Faster load times and space savings from reduced redundancy, as well as increased reliability are expected benefits. The new controller is also upgraded with haptic feedback provided by voice coil actuators (said to offer much more nuanced feedback) and triggers that have adaptive resistance.

Another big change is how multiplayer games are handled, with the ability to see activity and join multiplayer games without having to boot each game first.

Here’s a link to that article.