Sony RX100 VII 4K HDR Compact Digital Camera Announced

The evolution of Sony’s pocket powerhouse 4K camera continues. The RX100 VII has a 1″ sensor and knows what to do with it.

Consumer cameras have evolved into 4K video capture tools that deliver astonishing picture quality in pocketable form. The new Sony RX100 VII is the poster child for cramming incredible photographic capability into the smallest possible camera body. With its 1″ sensor, 24-200mm (35mm equivalent) Zeiss zoom lens, fast response and 4K HDR recording capability, it’s ready to capture photos and video that previously required carrying substantially heavier gear.

Sony DCS-RX100 VII shown with the Shooting Grip and optional microphone.

As per the name, this is the seventh iteration of the Sony RX100. For videographers, the highlight features here are HDR recording in HLG and including a microphone input. This elevates the RX100 VII’s utility to encompass vlogging (especially with the flip-up screen) and “run and gun” production, but with the dynamic range and impressive quality of Sony’s 20.1 megapixel 1-inch “stacked CMOS” sensor.

For picture quality, in camera 4K recording with full pixel readout (no pixel binning) in XAVCS format makes this a mean machine. It even offers “Real-time Tracking and Real-time Eye AF” when shooting video.

Once shooting is done, the Movie Edit add-on to Sony’s Imaging Edge application allows the application of advanced stabilization and editing of clips.

For still shooters, 20 fps with zero blackout and Eye AF makes this camera a contender for capturing fast action. And a 7-shot burst mode at up to 90 fps adds to the action-oriented benefits offered by the Sony RX100 VII.

The camera alone has a $1200 MSRP. However, it will also ship as a kit that includes a dedicated Shooting Grip With zoom and record controls. The kit also includes two additional batteries. This vlogger-friendly kit will sell for $1300 MSRP.

Sony expects to ship the camera itself in August 2019, the kids including the Shooting Grip will follow later in the year.