StormAudio Announces HDMI 7 + 2 eARC Card

Some pre-CEDIA news from high-end immersive audio equipment brand StormAudio. The company is readying a new HDMI card that it will become available in late September 2019. This HDMI 7 + 2 eARC card is said to offer faster 4K HDMI switching as well as full 18 Gbps bandwidth on all ports. And crucially, eARC is supported, allowing uncompressed immersive audio to travel from the TV to the pre/pro on the same HDMI cable as the video signal.

“The new card is the result of a collaborative effort between our product development team in France and a specialized circuit board manufacturer partner,” said StormAudio US Sales Manager Gary Blouse. “This was critical for us to undertake as flawless HDMI performance is critical. Yet we see that mediocre HDMI performance has been the bane of our competition.”

Manufacturers are often at the mercy of vendors, having to accept ‘off-the-shelf’ HDMI cards that deliver less than optimal results. Given the newest formats and associated demanding performance specs, this simply would not do. Since coming to market in 2016, top designers and acousticians have identified StormAudio as having something truly special to offer with key attributes being sound, ease-of-programming and upgrade capability, evidenced by our processors and amps being featured in the 2019 CEDIA Home Technology Professional Awards competition, which recognizes the best custom-installation projects completed this past year. With this new card, our processors continue the innovation and rise to the top as the most performance-rich whilst easiest to deploy and upgrade.