SVS Launches 3000 Series 13″ Subwoofers

New from subwoofer specialist SVS sound is the 3000 series of 13″ subwoofers. There are two new models, the sealed SB3000 ($999) and the ported PB3000 ($1399), and both sport powerful amplification plus DSP with app control.

The new subs use SVS Sound’s Sledge STA800-D2 amplifier that’s rated at 800 W continuous power with 2500 W peaks. Moreover, SVS adds a 50 MHz Analog Devices Audio DSP with 56bit filtering, which when combined with the SVS app, allows users to fine tune their subwoofer for the best performance in their system.

These subs feature a driver with a 25-pound magnet used in the motor. The aluminum cone does not flex, so when you turn of the sub, the power and precision of the bass in a recording is properly communicated to the listener.

“SVS is further asserting its dominance in the home subwoofer market by deploying the most advanced technology and achieving unrivaled performance at a lower price range than ever before with the 3000 Series,” said Gary Yacoubian, SVS President and Managing Partner. “Our engineering team challenged themselves to bring reference subwoofer performance to new lows so more people could enjoy chest-thumping output, subterranean deep bass extension, pinpoint accuracy and all the benefits of a world-class subwoofer. I’m proud to say, mission accomplished. The 3000 Series are unmatched in performance for the price and well beyond.”

When describing the new subs, SVS points out that the voice coil utilizes a new “flat edge-wound split-wind voice coil.” The company says it is a unique design for a voice coil that reduces mass and increases efficiency.

SVS 3000 Series Driver Motor

The SB3000 has a rated frequency response of 18Hz to 260Hz, +/-3 dB while the PB3000 is good for 16Hz to 250Hz ported, and 18Hz to 260Hz in sealed mode.

These new subwoofers are available now and are also slated for reviews.