SVS Prime Elevation Speaker to Debut at CES 2016

The Prime Elevation ($350 per pair) is the latest loudspeaker from SVS Sound. It expands the Prime lineup by offering the flexibility to serve in multiple roles, including use as reflected-sound elevation modules in an immersive audio system.

When placed on top of speakers or speaker stands facing up, the new Primes serve as reflected-sound elevation modules. The trapezoidal enclosure’s front baffle provides the proper angle for this application.

Each speaker includes a four position bracket as well as a standard ¼” 20 TPI brass insert, which allows for easy wall and ceiling mounting. When used in this manner, the versatility of this new speaker becomes apparent. You can use Elevations as down-firing height speakers, mounted high up on the side walls. They can serve as a front stage in a subwoofer/satellite system in situations where you can’t place the speakers at ear height, as is the case with non-acoustically transparent projection screens.

SVS also suggests that a pair of Prime Elevations can be mounted together and wired to create a dipole or bipole surround speaker. Finally, the company suggests you can use Elevations in situations where you need to mount side surrounds on the rear wall, or rear surrounds on the side wall—it’s all a matter of which direction you point them in, and where you put them.

“Adaptability has become a major factor in loudspeaker design, especially with the rise of more immersive audio formats,” said Gary Yacoubian, president, SVS. “The SVS Prime Elevation adapts to almost any home theater set-up and plays a variety of roles exceptionally well.”

The specified frequency response for the new speaker is 69 Hz – 25 kHz (+/- 3dB), which is competitive with many bookshelf speakers. The Elevation uses a 1”aluminum dome tweeter paired with 4.5” polypropylene mid/woofer. These specs are literally identical to SVS’s Prime Satellite speakers, which I found were some of the highest performance-per-dollar speakers I’d ever heard when I reviewed a 5.1 Satellite-based system.

Because the entire Prime series is timbre matched, the addition of the Prime Elevation to the lineup vastly expands the potential of the system. It’s nice to see reflected sound elevation channel option that isn’t tied to one specific immersive format. SVS will demo the Elevation used in various applications at CES 2016, I’m looking forward to that.