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  1. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Hi Everyone. I'm a new member and first time poster. I am finishing off my basement and I am constructing an 11.2 dolby atmos theater myself. My budget is tight and I've been scouring facebook marketplace and craigslist for pre-owned AV gear. I recently came across a very clean B&K 200.7 S2...
  2. DIY Speakers and Subs
    My center channel has always been the weakest link of my front stage. It’s a hand-me-down TM that, while not bad sounding, is inadequate compared to my MTMWWW mains. However, after adding a pair of sealed HS24-MKII’s, my mains are also lacking the output to keep up. I figured I would go with...
  3. DIY Speakers and Subs
    Big 1299 build thread - now with REW measurements I posted this thread in the DIY group forum, but since the forum is no longer present - I am posting it here so folks can follow the build if interested. So, as mentioned in previous posts I was set on building a 1899 LCR, but as I measured it...
1-3 of 3 Results