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  1. Vizio P50-C1 in the San Francisco Bay Area

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  2. AVS Forum's Top Blu-rays for 2016

    Official AVS Forum® Blu-ray Disc Reviews
    It's hard to believe that we are at the end of 2016. As in years past, when I began thinking about assembling this list, there wasn't an abundance of titles coming to the forefront of my mind. But once I began going over this year's reviews, I didn't have any problem coming up with a cache of...
  3. A Look Back at 2016

    AVS Forum® Podcasts
    Journalists Brent Butterworth, Mike Heiss, and Tom Norton join me to discuss the important audio and video stories from 2016. Topics include the rapid pace of 4K/UHD adoption, Chinese TV makers, 4K/UHD content delivery, Dolby Atmos and DTS:X immersive audio, high dynamic range (HDR), Dolby...
  4. Vizio M70-D3 and Xbox

    LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I have an Xbox One S hooked up to the HDMI 1 on my M70-D3. And while it's great, there are black outs periodically. This only happens with the Xbox and only when hooked up to the M70-D3. I tried other sources on the TV, cable box, Apple TV (4th Gen), and using Cast, there was no issue with...
  5. Samsung Smart Remote not working with Verizon STB

    LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hi all, Got a new 2016 Samsung smart TV and cant seem to get my smart remote to change the channels going through the initial setup of the TV. After the setup is asking to align with the specific model of the cable box, it still does not work. What do you think is causing the problem? Could my...
  6. Official 2016 Vizio M-Series Owner's Thread

    LCD Flat Panel Displays
    @thomasfxlt continues to update Post #1 of the 2016 P-Series owner's thread with a wealth of information about these displays. There are differences between the M and P Series, but their similarities are far greater. I advise any newcomers to this thread to read the first post over there as it...
  7. 2016 Bass demo disc

    Subwoofers, Bass, and Transducers
    Like my 2015 Bass Demo Disc, this disc will be movies released in 2016. Also 2015 movies whose Blu-Ray released in 2016. Not trying to reinvent the wheel here, so again it will be simple menus, with scenes including wonderfully loud thunderous bass. If you piss off neighbors, dogs, old people or...
  8. Non-animated films shot in 3D - 2016

    3D Content
    Let's discover: the non-animated movies, that are actually shot in 3D (not faked afterwards), that will be released in 2016, Worldwide. The list will be very short... Yes, Batman vs Superman, Star Wars and most other movies are all shot one-eyed (2D) -the cyclope mode...
  9. 2016 TVs: Will FALD and/or OLED become mainstream?

    LCD Flat Panel Displays
    Hi, In 2015 we've seen UHD and wide color gamut become mainstream in mid-range TVs. So what can we expect in 2016? Will FALD (Full Array Local Dimming) or OLED become mainstream, thereby enabling proper HDR? So far FALD has been demanding a dramatically higher price for the last 5+ years, and...