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  1. Audio Gear
    Just putting a feeler out there to see if anyone is interested in selling 2x JTR Noesis 228HT - specifically the ones with the metal horn/waveguide circa 2014 and prior (I think). I purchase mine in 2013 prior to Jeff moving to the wooden horns. Looking to possibly add a couple more surrounds to...
  2. Audio Gear
    EVERYTHING SOLD!!!!!!!! Hey guys- Also selling my JTR 228HT (2013-2014 model?). Also in pristine condition, with the original box and standard black finish. I had used it as my center channel. I'd prefer to not ship these, but if the buyer negotiates the ship rate, I'd be happy to. I'm...
  3. Audio Gear
    Hello, I just recently bought these speakers from raynist just a few weeks ago and am looking to sell them. Due to the large space I have, I decided to go full range tower, probably the 215RT will be my next purchase. JTR price is $1299 each plus about $70 shipping plus a 4 week wait. Total...
  4. Audio Gear
    Looking for JTR Noesis 228HT Hi, Im looking for 3 JTR Noesis 228TH. Thx.
  5. Speakers
     As more and more ppl buying these speakers, i thought that there should be a centralized thread to post pics, comments, setup.
1-5 of 5 Results