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  1. Video Processors
    So, for TV's without 3D LUT support (which so far seems to be everything except for LG and Panasonic (which aren't available in the USA)), the general wisdom is "use a 3D LUT Box if you want to do 3D LUT." Well, the problem is, there seems to be a VERY limited choice of "3D LUT Boxes" on the...
  2. This and That
    FS: TruVue eecolor LUT Box Complete - SOLD 3D LUT box w/ HDMI in and out. $250 shipped. EDIT: Sold.
  3. Display Calibration
    So, I've been looking at the specs for the eeColor box, as I would lile to insert a 3D LUT box between my Oppo 103D and Samsung PS64F8500 and perform 3D LUT calibration using my EODIS3 (Rev 15.B) colorimeter with Calman 5 Enthusiast with Ted's disc as source material. However, I found some...
  4. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    AS OF DECEMBER 21, 2014, THIS POST WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED. FOR NEW UPDATES, PLEASE REFER TO THE OWNERS THREAD. Official Product Pages: U.S. - TBA UK - TX-65AX902B Canada - TC-65AX900 Owner's Manual: U.S. - TBA UK - TBA Canada - eHelp | Owner's Manual Press Release: U.S. - Panasonic...
1-4 of 4 Results