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acoustic screen
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  1. Screens
    I'm looking for black backing for my screen (Grandview Flat Series Fixed 4K AT) I already have a black fabric on the wall behind the screen so not sure can I improve the contrast further by placing black backing just behind the screen. But if I can improve I will ;) So if you have experiences...
  2. Screens
    I'm very hopeful that you guys will talk me out of depression. I just spent $3k on a Da-Lite Tensioned Electrol 20340LS acoustically transparent screen (106" diagonal). My theater isn't complete yet (and, perhaps importantly to this post, the wall behind the screen is still white but will be...
  3. Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    Since I was a little kid, I always wanted a Big TV room. Then when I started reading magazines where the elite rich had "movie room" with real film projectors, I wanted that. So finally 50 years later I decided to build one but with a digital projector and not a film projector. :) I started...
1-3 of 3 Results