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  1. Speakers
    I'm using 3 GTC-77's (front and Center) and 4 GTC-55's for the side and back surrounds. I'm going to a 9.1.4 system and need to try to match the GTC's for the wide's. Any suggestions? Replacing the GTC's is out of the question and very happy with them. Thanks for the wisdom!
  2. Speakers
    Folded-ribbon tweeters are extremely effective at rendering transients due to their low mass and large surface area. Adam Audio—a Berlin-based company that makes both high-end studio monitors and home audio products—demoed its active Pencil ($7000/pair) 2.5-way and passive Column ($7000/pair)...
  3. Speakers
 I am thinking of replacing my KEF x300As with a high end 2.1 setup 'cause the KEF setup doesn't easily allow for a sub. It's mostly going to be for playing lossless music. The KEFs are great but lack a sub out and I am finding that I prefer that in my environment. 
 So I have been...
  4. Speakers
    If you've had the opportunity to have a listen to Adam Audio's powered monitors and Classic Series of speakers..... you'd be as excited as I am to have an opportunity to listen to this new series offered by Adam Audio: Grand Theater Components. Here is a recent review for the GTC 77...
1-4 of 4 Results