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  1. Car Audio, Video, and Nav
    Hey everyone! Time for a upgrade from the 1994 setup I have at the moment. I am thinking of changing all the speakers, receiver and adding a 12" sub. Here is what I have come up with... 1. Alpine CDE-172BT CD receiver 2. JL HD750/1 Monoblock Class D Wide-Range Amplifier, 750 W 3. JL Audio...
  2. Car Audio, Video, and Nav
    simple question: http://www.phoenixgold.com/products/subwoofers/SXt/product.php?productID=115 at 2 ohms VS http://alpine-usa.com/product/view/swt-10s4/ at 4 ohms with a: http://www.phoenixgold.com/products/amplifiers/RX/product.php?productID=85 which sub...
  3. DIY Speakers and Subs
    ok i found a shop to build me my powered subwoofer with a 2.1 set up but.. first of all here is what is being used: sub: http://alpine-usa.com/product/view/swt-10s4/ amp: http://www.phoenixgold.com/products/amplifiers/RX/product.php?productID=85 computer psu: unknown i was wondering if i...
  4. DIY Speakers and Subs
    Hello all, So I sold my Polk junk and started building proper subs. Designed by LTD02. My living room/HT is 3300 cuft. Subs are tuned to 17Hz. 30mm and 22mm MDF is used. Powered by iNuke 3000DSP. Driver: 1542D. One sub is done. Plans: MDF: Bracing: Adding primer:
  5. Car Audio, Video, and Nav
    My "vintage" Alpine TMD-7475 head unit has been acting really weird lately. I've had this unit for about 20 years, through multiple cars, it has outlived at least 3 CD changers that it controls, never had a problem until now. Am curious if anyone out there has a clue as to what this problem...
  6. Dealer Specials
    Alpine R10 sub Bassworx Box Alpine MRP - M1000 Good condition being sold all together for $250. OBO
  7. Car Audio, Video, and Nav
    I'm having a peculiar problem with my auxiliary input on my headunit. It's an Alpine so of course it has a bunch of propietary nonsense workarounds. Anyway, the aux cable consists of an adapter (that I don't know what to call) that turns into 2 female RCA connections. I then have a 2 RCA male...
  8. Audio Gear
    *Better than MFW-15 drivers* BAY AREA 2x alpine sws-15d2 15" subwoofers $150 pair For quickest reply please email me at at gmail.com thank you One box was opened, driver was NEVER hooked up, only test fitted. Other box is sealed. Bought for a dual 15" home theater subwoofer enclosure, but...
1-8 of 8 Results