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  1. DIY Screen Section
    Projector: Optoma Gt1080Darbee Ceiling mount: 4'1.5" Lens to screen Throw .5-1 Existing screen material: Carl's Flexi-Gray Dimensions: Approx 106.25 X 64.25 or 100.25 X 58.25 viewable 112"Diag Lighting - Uncontrolled from left side windows, lamps at night So this is kind of what I am working...
  2. Speakers
    Earlier this year I had an extension to make an open plan kitchen/diner/lounge in a kind of 'L' shape. I put in 5 Speakercraft Aim Wide One speakers to go along with a couple of existing floor-standers. I found that there was not a lot of information on the web regarding these speakers or indeed...
  3. Theater Room Items & Accessories
    Hi, I'm the proud owner of a new big screen TV and am finding that I need to rethink some of the existing lighting in my living room. What do people suggest as far as ambient lighting for placement behind the TV? I've found a couple LED light bars but i'm not sure how well they would work...
1-3 of 3 Results