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  1. Home Theater Computers
     Hi all! I'm about to embark on building a new HTPC to replace my old Core 2 Duo system. I can't decide between a new A10-7850k or an i3-4130?   Uses 1) Local viewing of ripped BR and DVD. Possibly move to LiveTV. View pictures/music thru WMC too 2) Maybe HuluPlus or Netflix 3) Transcode...
  2. Home Theater Computers
    I need to build a very simple budget HTPC for the bedroom. It's only purpose is to be on 24/7 so we can watch live tv from my HDhomerun Prime and play the streamed HD movies from the server. I tried the extender route and don't like it. My living home HTPC is a core i7 8gb of ram and an...
1-6 of 6 Results