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  1. Speakers
    Hi, I am in the process of setting up my media room and looking into wall speakers as a way to keep the front (L, R, C) out of the way so the kids don't bump into them. Setup: 120'' projector screen (not an acoustic screen, so yeah,L, R needs to be at least 110'' apart) couch is centered 15-16...
  2. General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms
    I did several hours of research looking into a TV mount that sits as flush as possible to the wall when not used but allows me to tilt it down when it's used. It seems there are really just two categories, i.e. full motion like: * Mounting, MD2296, 2.4" min, 15 degree tilt down, 3 degree...
  3. DIY Speakers and Subs
    Hi! I'm new to this forum, and I don't have a lot of experience designing cabinets for speakers. My challenge actually is to create a sub that would be very small, portable (so the driver must be inside the cabinet to make it more tough) but that could go under 30Hz frequencies. Volume is far to...
1-3 of 3 Results