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  1. Speakers
    What I am looking for: I am looking for speakers that are good for Movies and Music 50/50. I don't like speakers that sound recessed or emphasize bass to the extreme or roll off the highs too soon. Above all I want it to sound full. I am not familiar with audiophile terms so when I say full I...
  2. What's Your System Configuration
     Sorry for the lighting in the pictures looking so different.  I have an D-SLR that I'm trying to learn how to use.     Here is my very small living room (about fourteen feet by fourteen feet).  The living room opens up into the dining area and a hallway that leads to the bedrooms.  It has...
  3. Speakers
    I've been hanging out here for couple of months and I did not see an official thread for Aperion. I have heard so much about them, and they are all positive. I currently own Athena Point5 and Mirage S12, but thinking to upgrade to Aperions. I find very few Aperion threads scattered here and...
1-3 of 3 Results