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    Was able to find one, thank you.
  2. Audio Gear
    WTB Philharmonic Audio Premium Center, preference for Dennis's high-end center speaker including a single BMR.
  3. Audio Gear
    Looking for a matching set. Let me know what you have!
  4. Audio Gear
    Selling 3 Ascend Acoustics "Mini Tower" speakers. 4 Mains and 1 Center and 1 pair of Ascend Acoustics TP-24 Pedestal stands. They are in perfect shape. No nicks or scratches. Never played beyond its limits. Have the grill covers for them as well. $470 for all (2) Ascend Acoustics CMT-340 SE...
  5. Audio Gear
    Purchased these new from Ascend as part of a full speaker package to use for my surrounds. Used them about a year and then changed to inwall speakers for my surrounds. These are great bookshelf speakers that can be used for your surrounds or for your two fronts as I am doing. I will ship them...
  6. Audio Gear
    I am located in Austin, currently own Sierra 1's and looking to upgrade. Thanks in advance!
  7. Audio Gear
    [SOLD] FS: Ascend Sierra 2 Bookshelf Speakers - Natural Bamboo Dave and his Ascend Sierra 2 has been a crowd favorite for a long time. The supple yet sparkling RAAL tweeters and amazingly inert bamboo cabinet all contribute to the neutral yet exciting presentation and rich tonality. Asking...
  8. Audio Gear
    Before I go and grab a new pair from Ascend, figured I'll check in here first... I can pickup locally in/around Bay Area, else shipped. Not worried so much on the cosmetic condition, so minor scratches, scuffs okay as long as their stability isn't compromised. :-) PM or email me choombak at...
  9. Audio Gear
    For Sale is a pair of Ascend Acoustics CBM-170 SE Bookshelf Speakers. Speakers are in excellent condition. As of today they are exactly a year old. Hence there's 4 years of remaining warranty that can be transferred to the new owner. They have been used in a smoke free and pet free...
  10. Speakers
    So I bought a Denon AVR-3200W, but now I'm having second thoughts as I just bought a pair of Sierra 2 speakers from Ascend Acoustics. Am I doing these speakers a disservice by using this receiver? Here's some links to reference: http://ascendacoustics.com/pages/products/speakers/SRM2/srm2.html...
  11. Speakers
    So after trying to decide on what tower speakers to get, with the help of AVS I was able to limit my selection down to two towers: Ascend Sierra Towers (with ribbon tweeter) or Salk Song Tower RT. I am going to use these primarily for music with limited HT usage, breakdown being music:85%...
  12. Speakers
    I am looking for a new pair of floorstanders. They will primarily be used for stereo-music. I am pretty picky and want openness, transparency and a musical sound. Room is 12 by 16 feet, dedicated. I already have a NAD C390DD and therefore PSB Imagine T2s are on my shortlist, but what other...
  13. Speakers
    I heard the Sierra towers courtesy Holt (and that was months ago) and I am going to listen to the 836w hopefully this week. Now as much as I would love to listen to these things at reference levels, I have a 17 month old and my booming home theater days are def put on hold. So I would say now...
  14. Speakers
    So it gets down to these two brands. Which one? I have small apartment and can't blast it to Loud but would like to enjoy good quality sound in lower to mid volume. Difference in price is HUGE: 3 x Ascend sierras 1 with NrT = $1764.00 shipped 3 x Arx A1b = $ 523 shipped Should I spend...
  15. Speakers
    Now that it's out and there are owners who have them, I thought it made sense to start an "official" thread for this speaker so that owners can share their experiences and support the product.
  16. Speakers
    My 3, 340SE's are here (central California). The only indication of an "SE" is an oval sticker on the back that says "Signature Edition". I'm home for lunch so no time to plug 'em in yet.
1-16 of 16 Results