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  1. Speakers
    A UFO is about to land at ISE 2019. What is it? A solution for the vexing problem of solid screens and center channel sound. UFO is a "sonic concept" for rendering center-channel sound that seems to come from the center of solid screens. Created by Patrice Congard, CEO of Screen...
  2. Speakers
    Audio Excellence designs complete systems with speakers, amplifiers and DSP crossovers that are purpose-built for dedicated home theater. Audio Excellence is a brand that specializes in home theater sound systems, with a specific focus on speakers, power amps and DSP crossovers designed...
  3. Latest Industry News
    At CEDIA 2017, many great audio/video products were introduced, and many companies presented excellent demonstrations. But some of those products and demos rose above the rest, and we decided to recognize them with the new AVS Forum Best of CEDIA award. Senior Editor Mark Henninger and I...
1-4 of 4 Results