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  1. Speakers
    I bought a pair of 804's off of craigslist and they need some minor repair. I need to know if I have the N804's or the 804S's. How can I tell the difference? Mine have the curved cabinet, did the N's have the old 'box' cabinet? I need to know since I'm ordering parts. Thanks.
  2. Speakers
    I currently have a 5.1 system with B&W 818 in-ceiling speakers. I would like to replace the LCR across the front with three new speakers. I have a REL T9 sub. I am broadly considering the following speaker manufacturers: B&W KEF Monitor Revel Paradigm Focal Sonus Faber My plan is to...
  3. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    I currently own a Denon 3311ci with Audyssey MultEQ XT and I picked up a Denon X4000 with no intentions of keeping it because I just wanted to fulfil my curiosity if XT32 would be any noticeable improvement over XT in which I had my doubts because of most people on here commenting it was mainly...
  4. Speakers
    Hi guys. Some of you may be familiar with my current speaker-quest to find some great speakers. I've been looking at B&W CM9s, CM10s, 804s, and I've been intrigued by reviews of KEFs and Aperion Verus Grands. About 10 years ago, when I got out of the home theater game... I had NHT 3.3s as...
  5. What's Your System Configuration
     My simple setup: Panasonic 65VT30 - Upgraded from 54VT25 Oppo 105 - upgraded from Oppo 93 Marantz AV 9000 (preamp/processor) Lexicon NT 512 (really a 5 channel Bryston amp) B&W Nautilus 804 (fronts) B&W AS6 (sub) B&W LCR 6S2 (center) B&W 600 S2 (rears) sorry that the picture is...
1-5 of 5 Results