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  1. Speakers
    Hello Everyone! I am doing a big bathroom renovation. My shower is going to be both a "steam shower" and a "regular shower". I really want to have Sonos in the bathroom with in-ceiling speakers. I was thinking about putting one speaker in the shower and then one speaker in the main bathroom...
  2. Speakers
    hi all, looking for a speaker for bathroom, at the moment deciding between Niles DS7SI and Phase Technology CI6.2x. Both Niles and Phase Technology seem to receive positive feedback, but how do they compare? what would/do you prefer between those brands? thanks in advance! Max
  3. Speakers
    Ok, I would like to listen to music while in the shower and I'm wondering what the best option for this would be. I've had a generic CD boombox and a Monoprice iPod dock fail on me after a couple years use. Here's what I'm considering now: 1. Another iPod Dock - maybe a more expensive one that...
  4. Speakers
    Hi all! I'm about to setup my first Whole Home Audio system in my house. I've purchase 6 x RC80i from Amazon, and a Russound MCA-C3 to control the 6 zones (there are 7 in total). In each zone there are 2 speakers, except for the master bathroom where there is one. I haven't purchased a speaker...
  5. Speakers
    I have pair of Klipsch Quintet III satellite speakers I have setup in my bathroom as a zone 2. It is small closet sized bathroom and get rather humid when taking a shower. The speakers are mounted high about a foot and half from the ceiling and a substantial amount of water condenses on the...
1-5 of 5 Results