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benq ht2150st
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    Everyone wants to bring the movie theater experience home. But many struggle to do so with space limitations. If mounting a standard throw projector in a dedicated home theater room is not an option for you, there’s still an easy way to bring the big-screen experience home: a short throw...
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    If you’re looking to make the switch between gaming on your TV to gaming on a screen that's far bigger (and maybe watch some movies on it, too), You'll find today's projectors offer high brightness and a sharp image at an easy to justify price, then these are some of the projectors you will want...
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    Hello all, I have been searching for several days on what screen to purchase for my Benq HT2150ST. This will be used for gaming primarily in a semi ambient light controlled room. I have seen countless threads for DIY, etc but I am not looking to DIY. I would love it if anyone can offer me a...
1-4 of 4 Results