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  1. Speakers
     Does anyone know if the BIC Acoustech PL-26 center channel is obsolete?  I have been looking everywhere for this product but it is "out of stock" everywhere.
  2. Speakers
    Trying to make the move from my old Panasonic HTiB. Have about $800.. Maybe $1000 max (on speakers) to spend, although any money saving is good.. my room is about 25ft x 25ft. I'm lost in trying to figure everything out, really just want a nice surround system for movies. I have a discount...
  3. Screens
    Hi all, I'm in the process of setting up a small home theater in the basement of my new home. I have a projector mounted (Epson 8350) which I'm currently displaying on a painted wall. My wife loves the current size (120 diagonal) and does not want it any smaller. However, the projection wall...
  4. Speakers
    **** NOTE: Many members have posted pics of their acoustech setups throughout the pages of this thread For anyone that is interested, I had ordered the following: Pair BIC Acoustech HT-88 Mains BIC Acoustech HT-85 Center Pair BIC Acoustech HT-75 as rears BIC Acoustech H100 Sub I'm...
1-4 of 4 Results