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  1. Speakers
     Hello, all.  I spent this weekend working on getting my Benq W1070 installed in my drop ceiling and having my 120" screen assembled and installed on the wall.  Now comes another fun part.... choosing NEW speakers!   My media room is a 12ft wide x 21ft long space with 8ft ceilings (see room...
  2. Speakers
     Trying to find out which front speakers to get then to base the rest of my system off them. Any suggestions on which one is better sounding? Once i decide ill match the surrounds and center with the brand and model.
  3. Speakers
    So I have a Klipsch center speaker (RC-62 II) . That is all I have. I want to get two towers. I'm getting them on CL, and I've come down to two decisions: Definitive BP8B Energy Audissey A2+2 Both are roughly $200. Which is the better choice? What about if I don't use the Klipsch...
  4. Speakers
     I'm looking to put together my 1st home theater system and I took some suggestions of others to look on my local craigslist/ebay for a good set of used speakers.  I'm probably just going to get a set of floor standing towers to start with, so I want a pair that are full range and can stand on...
  5. Speakers
    So here is what I have so far 1x Polk Audio PSW 10 subwoofer 1x Onkyo HTR-530 1200w receiver. I got this for $75.00 from a local pawnshop with a 30 day warranty. I believe its a 1200w receiver supporting 7.1 surround sound, but I can't find specs for it anywhere. 2x Samsung PS FZ-410...
  6. Speakers
    I need a set of speakers for a small room (12x18 or so). While they will be used more for home theater, I am much pickier when it comes to sound quality in music. I've narrowed my choices down to these: Bic Venturi: DV-64 and DV-62 CLRS Bic Acoustech: PL76 and FH6 LCR In either case, I...
1-7 of 7 Results