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  1. Speakers
    OK...here is some info below about what I have and what I want to attach to it. Receiver Yamaha RXV667 90W, 7.2 (I am utilizing the 7.2) I currently have some average Cerwin Vega V-12F fronts and a Polk CS10 center. I am looking to replace these with something better. I love the Vega's for...
  2. Speakers
     Hello all,   So I just took the plunge into home audio at the recommendation of a friend. I've already purchased a receiver that suits my needs quite well, the Onkyo TX-NR626.   Now, I'm really not sure where to begin when it comes to looking at (hearing?) speakers.   My friend had...
  3. Speakers
    Hello, I'm fairly new to this forum and home theater in general however, I am looking into purchasing some nice speakers for my setup. As of current, i have 2 sony SSB3000's with a 10' Yamaha subwoofer for my music. This system works great, however, its not very powerful. My music gets loud...
1-3 of 3 Results