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bic venturi dv62clr s 6 5 center channel speaker
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  1. Speakers
    I could snag a nice deal on a pair of RTi8s and a CSi5 for about $450. Some have mentioned to me that the Denon 1613 isn't powerful enough to drive those as well as surrounds for a 5.1 system. Would I need to upgrade to a more powerful receiver in order drive these effectively? Thanks!
  2. Speakers
    I am designing my room and looking for good sound (not willing to pay for great). The room is 12' wide and 24' deep. I'm planning a false front with a 120" AT screen. Behind the screen I'm looking at BIC DV64 Fronts and a BIC DV-62CLRS Center. My problem is that we the narrow room I don't...
  3. Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat
    Hello, speaker experts. I need center speaker placement advice. I have a BIC DV62CLR-S center channel speaker that has dual rear Venturi vents. I am considering placing it on in a shelf enclosure of a media console I may purchase. The dimensions of the shelf enclosure concern me about this...
  4. Speakers
    So I pretty much have a few projectors nailed down, but my choice really depends on what setup I picked based upon the room. I have two choices: Option 1 gives me a larger screen (120"), but I'm unable to have the center channel vertical or the tweeter at ear level (There is concrete behind the...
  5. Audio Gear
    I have two Dv64 floor standing tower speakers, along with the dv 62 clr-s center channel speaker for sale. These speakers are in excellent shape, and I would not be getting rid of them if it weren't for a very generous gift of definitive technology speakers. These speakers provide excellent...
1-5 of 5 Results