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  1. AVS Forum® Podcasts
    Audio engineer Bob Schulein talks about his work on immersive audio for virtual reality. Topics include the difference between VR for gaming and music recordings, different techniques for capturing binaural sound, head tracking, combining immersive audio with 3D video, Bob's latest project...
  2. Headphones
    On the final day of CES I took a trip to Sennheiser's booth to check out what's new. The company showed off its Ambeo Smart Surround headphones, which include built-in mics to capture binaural recordings that have a "you are there" feel to them. I quickly realized Ambeo Smart Surround headphones...
  3. 2-Channel Audio
    Binaural 3D - successful recordings thread I've listened to several binaural 3D samples (with my DIY electrostatic headphones), but only the following two recordings I consider successful -which happen to be short theatrical plays BTW, not music. I was surprised to find out that other clips...
1-3 of 3 Results