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  1. Video Source Items
    I have one Tivo Bolt 3TB 4K DVR (cablecard) with Lifetime service. 6 tuners. Also included is one matching Tivo HD Mini for a second room. Does NOT include the Voice remote which was sold separately. Includes two regular Tivo peanut remotes. Switched to DirecTv and no longer have use for...
  2. LCD Flat Panel Displays
    I've been using a Tivo Bolt + on my old Vizio TV (M49-C1), and due to a warranty issue I had my set replaced with the new Vizio M50-D1. All of my other HDMI devices work fine with this set, except for the Tivo. If I turn the set on and tune directly to HDMI-1 where the Tivo is plugged in...
  3. Networking, Media Servers & Content Streaming
    Fans of TiVo's viewing habit-based user-friendly devices now have a new top model to consider, the Bolt+. The company took its UHD/4K Bolt DVR, which was introduced last year, and gave it six tuners plus a 3TB hard drive. With a price tag of $500, the Bolt+ is not cheap, but TiVo says it is a...
  4. HDTV Recorders
    Hi, just want to share my experience with Tivo last week. My Bolt less than 6 months old went belly up. Called Tivo customer service, after a small wait, got a nice young man to assist. We went through the standard, "let's try this" to see if we could isolate the problem, but we couldn't and the...
  5. Latest Industry News
    TiVo was demonstrating its new Bolt at CES; TiVo in 4K is mighty appealing!
  6. Digital Recorders (PVRs) General
    TiVo introduces the Bolt DVR/streamer, which has some compelling features—and, as reported by Engadget , a few that seem to be a step backward from the current Roamio Pro and Plus models. In fact, the Bolt is intended to replace the base-model Roamio and, eventually, the Plus—the Roamio Pro...
1-6 of 6 Results