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  1. Audio Gear
    Time to upgrade, also selling my other bookshelf speakers which are 4 Polk s15's, a Polk S30 center, and these Klipsch all together if interested
    $160 USD
  2. Audio Gear
    Looking to part ways with my NHT speakers from a family room 3.2 setup. I've only had them up and running since March or so. They're great, and beautiful, but they just don't get used enough as I tend to use my office setup more. I do not have the boxes but will ship very carefully as always...
    $500 USD
  3. Audio Gear
    For sale is a used pair of Paradigm Reference Studio 20 V3s in the Black Ash veneer. Speakers are in perfect working order and still sound fantastic. Only selling because I moved to in-walls for aesthetic purposes. Grilles are perfect, with no damage. There are two tiny nicks in the finish...
    $350 USD
  4. Audio Gear
    Selling my Polk RT series LCR, consisting of a pair of Polk Audio RT35 bookshelves and one CS245 center speaker. $140 for all three. They are functional and sound great. Cosmetically, I would give them a 7/10, but not bad for their age; no serious dings or scratches, just a bit dusty and...
    $140 USD
  5. $1 USD
  6. Audio Gear
    New in the box. Okay to ship via Fedex. Retail is $3300/pr
    $2,250 USD
  7. Speakers
    I have been trying to decide on Dali Oberon 1 or Spektor 2. I ordered the Loxjie A30 to power them. The difference in price is about $100. There's not a stereo shop around me, and I haven't had time to travel to the other side of the TLV metro try them out, though I have zensor 3s I like. I'd...
  8. Audio Gear
    SOLD! Selling my Arendal Sound 1961 bookshelf speakers in matte black. Nothing wrong with the speakers. These are in Near Mint condition (not mint because I opened the box and used them). They need a good home and would make a great speaker for a 2ch setup. I have the original boxes and...
  9. Speakers
    I'll start by saying - I'm no audiophile or hi-fi enthusiast - but I do enjoy quality sound for both music and movies. A few years ago I bought a Polk surround system (its in that Bose tier quality - think I paid around $800+ for it at the time). Like the workhorse it is, it did its job...
  10. Speakers
    I've got five NHT SuperOne Xu bookshelf speakers that I'm considering moving on from. I've got more bookshelves than I need really, included some Klipsch reference, Celestions, Polks, etc., but I've got my eye on a white pair of NHT Sb2s. Anyone have experience with SuperOnes and the SB2s...
  11. Speakers
    I am in the market for speakers/bookshelf speakers (building a new 2.0 system with not more than US 1,200 to 1,500 budget). Which brand do you think has the best tweeters (brightness, detail, clarity, brightness...etc.)? Thank you.
  12. AVS Forum® Articles
    The 2-way monitor is a crucial tool of the trade in a studio setting. That's why the new Bookshelf speaker system ($1500) from Shinola , created in collaboration with Barefoot Sound, is worth a close look. These are no mere "lifestyle" powered bookshelf speakers, their pedigree is informed by...
  13. AVS Forum® Articles
    Re-engineered for 2012, these Pioneer SP-BS22-LR bookshelf speakers were a bestselling audio item purchased by our readers on Amazon last year. They may be an older model, but they're still a favorite when it comes to budget speakers. These speakers house a four-inch structured-surface woofer...
1-13 of 13 Results