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  1. Soundbars
     I need an easy set up at the tv, i have looked at the following, for basic tv watching and some movies   1) B&W soundbar 2) pair of M1 with sub  3) bose lifestyle 135 soundbar system
  2. Speakers
     So we just bought our first home. The living/television room has some challenges for surround sound and I'd like some advice please. Its 22' long 15' front to back and most of the ceiling is 12'. The front half of the room from front(TV) to back (couches) is marble floor. There are windows...
  3. Soundbars
     I have a Bose Lifestyle 135 sound bar connected to a Samsung pn64f8500 plasma Smart TV, and it works great with the satellite box and the Blu Ray player.  My only problem is I have to use the TV speakers when I stream a video from the internet.  How can I have the sound run through the Bose...
  4. Soundbars
    Hello everyone, I was surfing for soundbar reviews and happen to come across this website. Read a couple of threads and thought I could use some of you audiophiles expertise. What would you recommend as soundbars with a budget of 2000$ ? I was eyeing the bose lifestyle 135 and definitive...
  5. Soundbars
    Ok, before the Bose hate starts raining in I'm looking for some honest advice or alternatives. I've searched these forums and have looked for other options but I can't seem to find a decent alternative. I'm not opposed to piecing together a sound bar unit but I don't know where to start. I need...
  6. Soundbars
    Hoping that someone out there is knowledgeable about Bose products. I was curious as to whether or not the HDMI connectors (at least one anyway) are ARC-enabled and got two conflicting answers when contacting Bose. 1 guy on the phone said yes and one on the chat line said no, now which is it I...
1-6 of 6 Results