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  1. Speakers
    Hey everyone, This is my redo at a help thread. So, I'm setting up my first surround setup. It will mainly be used for movies/sports/video games. I think I'll power it with an Onkyo tx-nr 626. My room is not acoustically friendly. It is an open space (approx 10x20' but that can be sectioned...
  2. Speakers
     I'll start out by saying that I have a very small living area and am just looking to buy a center speaker to take care of my audio for movies and TV and such. I've just sold a pair of Klipsch RF-42 speakers due to space limitations, hence the lone center speaker. True it is not ideal but it is...
  3. General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms
    Hello all. I'll be moving from here in the US to Germany soon, and as I find nothing but 110v/60hz labels on my home theater devices, I'm getting more and more concerned. I understand I might be able to use a transformer to convert it, but I hear there might still be issues with 50hz power...
1-4 of 4 Results