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  1. Home Theater Computers
    I have a couple Boxee Box's that was streaming local content from my DIY NAS to a couple TV's in the house. My content contains of 1 to 1 digital copies of DVD's. A few weeks ago, it seems that the servers that it connects to has been shut down as the boxes are stuck on the sign in screen for...
  2. Networking, Media Servers & Content Streaming
    Hi there I am a bit lost with all the different devices and things that I could or can get and use There is Apple TV, Boxee, Roku, WD Live TV and Android TV, not to forget to mention the build it yourself PC types and the list goes on.... What I am seeking is a device that has wireless...
  3. Latest Industry News
    Boxee TV has partnered with retail giant Walmart to help get their streaming box goodness out to the masses. Bloomberg reports Walmart will put Boxee TV in more than 3,000 Walmart locations just in time for holidays. Boxee's chief executive officer, Avner Ronen shares: This is great...
  4. Latest Industry News
    Boxee will be giving away their device, Boxee TV, for free to many of those that have registered interest at their site. If you'd like to a chance to be one of these lucky people, then click over to the sign-up page on Boxee's website .
  5. Video Download Services & Hardware
    Have you guys seen this? http://www.boxee.tv/ $99 for the box and includes Netflix and Vudu (hopefully Hulu and Amazon soon) but the bigger things are an HD antenna for OTA stuff and an input for basic cable (2 tuner)....and for $14.95 a month you get unlimited cloud-based DVR for playback...
  6. Latest Industry News
    Boxee TV brings us one step closer to seamlessly merging media streaming, channel surfing, and TV hoarding experiences into one box . Boxee TV sounds like it is shaping up rather nicely. What do you think? [Source]
  7. Latest Industry News
    Could this be the all-in-one device that will finally allow us to ditch our cable provider? What about the hardware? The additionn of DVR and internet apps. So what do you think of the Boxee TV? [Source]
1-7 of 7 Results