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  1. Audio Gear
    I am selling my C426Be center channel to switch to a center channel behind the screen. It is one of the best centers on the market. I don't have the original packaging, so it must be picked up in Chicago. I am asking $3500 for it.
    $3,500 USD
  2. Audio Gear
    Up for sale is a pristine pair of Revel F226Be speakers in white along with a truly end game center speaker, the Revel C426Be in black. F226Be retail price: $7700 /pr. C426Be retail price: $4950. F226Bes only: $4600 /pr C426Be only: $3400 Package price for both: $7700 These are...
    $7,700 USD
  3. Speakers
    Since there doesn't seem to be a thread dedicated to this fine speaker line, and I am now a Revel F-52 owner I thought it would be a good idea to start an owner's thread for these speakers. As an introduction Revel was the speaker line of the former Madrigal company which was acquired by the...
1-3 of 3 Results