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  1. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
    folks....hope there are people here with PIO PDP-xx70 and xx80 series plasmas (2006, 2007 era) i have a new CABLECARD (s) "hard to diagnose" issue.... for over 10 i have had 2 PIOs one xx60 and the other xx70 , both with cablecards, in morris nj, (optimum) territory. all these years, they...
  2. HTPC Computer Items
    This has been my setup for the past several years. Decided that it's finally time to let it go. For $350 plus exact shipping costs, includes: Main PC - Intel DG45ID motherboard, ATI Radeon HD5450 (used instead of the on-board HDMI output because it is capable of bitstreaming digital audio...
  3. HDTV Recorders
    Our family has been renting a cable box from Charter for some time now. The box is costly to rent and offers no way to add a hard drive, so I was looking into CableCard-enabled equipment. To my surprise, the only piece of hardware I could find that fit the bill (besides TiVo with its ludicrous...
  4. HTPC Computer Items
    SOLD: HDHomeRun Prime - $75 + free 2 day shipping! Selling: SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime (CableCard tuner) Price: $OLD This is one of the best CableCard tuners out there. Connects to your network via ethernet, so you can stream your cable to computers as well as the internet. No longer...
  5. Video Source Items
    Hello AVS Forum - Looking for several used (or like new) SiliconDust TECH3-US TV Tuners to purchase for an ATSC / RF monitoring project. If you know of any one looking to sell one or many of these units, please reach out. It must be the TECH3-US... Photo attached... Thank you! -Bob
  6. Cable, Digital Cable - Non-HDTV
    An open letter to Hauppauge TV tuner users A many of you know, Hauppauge has been supporting TV tuners in Windows Media Center for over 10 years. Our tuners allow users of Windows Media Center in Windows XP, 7 and 8 to watch and record their favorite TV programs, a feature which I personally...
1-6 of 6 Results