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  1. Speakers
    I have a Sony STR DN1040 receiver. I don't want to have an elaborate speaker setup. I just want to use a 3 speaker setup. 2 speakers on either side of the tv and a subwoofer. Are there any great speakers that can give me surround sound from that setup? Any recommendations? Thanks
  2. Speakers
    Hi- I recently (finally!) got a Denon 1713, based on recommendations from these forums. Now it's time for speakers. I'm on a pretty tight budget and will start with two fronts and a center channel. I've done a lot of reading and feel like I'm not making any progress. Basically,we'll use...
  3. Speakers
    Hey guys, I just moved into a new apartment and I want to get a decent 5.1 sound system. I'm looking to spend around 500$ but that's not a terribly strict budget. If I need to spend a little more or less for the best value I'm open to it. I know wireless speakers aren't as good as wired...
1-3 of 3 Results