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  1. How To Time-Lapse: Canon VIXIA HF G10

    Hello! I have a Canon VIXIA HF G10 and I was wondering how I could create time-lapse videos using it. I don't know how to use it very well so I require very specific instructions on each step of the process. I would be very greateful for any help. Maria.
  2. Canon XC-15 vs Canon XA-35 - HELP

    Hi everyone. I can't help myself. I need to buy a camcoder but don't know how to choose between those two. Canon XC-15 vs Canon XA-35 the price is similar and not the main problem anyone can help me? I'd like to know their compared pros and cons.. or any advice. I need to do basic...
  3. Canon Realis 4K500ST LCoS Projector at NAB 2016

    Ultra Hi-End HT Gear ($20,000+)
    Canon has made projectors for years, but they haven't been aimed at the home-theater market—they're intended for simulators, visualization, and museums and theme parks—so I haven't paid much attention to them. That changed at NAB 2016, where Canon demonstrated the Realis 4K500ST, a 4K...
  4. Budget Camcorder vs Action Cam

    I'm looking for a video recording device for two main purposes: -Live streaming music performances in HD. -Capturing spontaneous family moments. The absolute max I can budget right now is $350-400, but I'd like to stay closer to $300 if possible. I have used a Sony AS200v and a Canon Vixia R32...
  5. Canon EOS Rebel T2i DSLR Camera Bundle + Extras - $350

    This and That
    I used my T2i Camera twice to take video and pictures of my racing sim, then it sat in the box. Time for it to go. Selling for $350 + shipping Included is: - Canon EOS Rebel T2i DSLR Camera - EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens - EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens - Case Logic SLRC-201 SLR Zoom Holster...
  6. Choosing between two Canon Camcorders

    Hi to all! This is my first post so please be gentle:) I was given two Canon camcorders to shoot some videos for a project, Canon Legria hf m56 and Canon Legria hf r606. I have been researching but haven't come to the conclusion I needed, you see, I am going to shoot mostly with one of these...
  7. Sony AX100 vs PXW-X70

    Hi, I'm looking for a camcorder to make short films, documentaries, music videos, concerts reviews, and some low light situations. My first choice was a Canon Vixia HF G30, but then I saw the promo video for the Sony AX100 and it was mind blowing. My question is: Should I get the Sony PXW-X70...
  8. Canon Vixia HF G10 Settings?

    Hi all, I just recently joined this forum because i have some questions and it looks like people are pretty helpful here! I am going to Florida to shoot some fishing videos and i was wondering the best settings for this would be? Currently i am shooting in 60I, and using the Programmed AE...