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  1. Trouble understanding dialogue using my 5.1.4 setup no matter what I do

    I have trouble understanding movie dialogues no matter what I do or tweak. Help appriciated. For context my setup : Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR787 Fronts: Jamo S 807 x 2 Center: Jamo S83 x 1 Rear: Jamo S 801 x 2 Height speakers: Polk Audio OWM3 x 4 Subwoofer : SVS SB12-NSD 12" x 1 *Issue *: I...
  2. Desperate for clear dialogue

    I am setting up a home cinema for the first time, solely for the purpose of achieving clear movie dialogue. I want to hear the whispering and mumbling with crystal clear sound. I am struggling. First let me post my setup and some pictures, a simple 3.0 Monitor C150 center Monitor C150 Marantz...
  3. FS ELAC Debut C6.2 - Brand New

    Audio Gear
    Selling a Brand New In Box ELAC Debut C6.2 center channel speaker. Never opened. Asking $180. Local pickup would be preferred to avoid shipping cost but I have no problem shipping it. I'm in the Philadelphia area.
  4. Chane A2.4 Mounting

    I am trying to decide how to mount the Chane A2.4 center that will be arriving later this week. I do not have an entertainment center/table under my TV and would prefer to wall mount it. Does anyone know if there are bracket mount holes on the back of the speaker? Otherwise, does anyone have any...
  5. Help deciding on a Center speaker and overall setup (Hsu)

    Hi all, I've spent quite a while researching on this forum and elsewhere, but this is my first post. I'm working on putting together a basic setup as a first foray into home theater audio, but my conditions are very non-ideal, and as such I don't have a great sense of which direction to go in...
  6. FS: Single KEF LS50 *BRAND NEW*

    Audio Gear
    As title states - Selling a Single KEF LS50 - Wife bought me a pair (jackpot!) and I only needed a center. **EDIT** - 500 shipped (USA) Thank you!
  7. Budget Home Theater (5.1.2) - Missing Center/Subwoofer

    Hi everyone! I am completely new to home theater set-ups, but more recently wanted to start getting into it more to really enjoy the movies that we own. Goal: Create a decent HT on a budget. Going for 5.1.2 Use: Movies (we very rarely listen to music) Will you be adding a subwoofer? Yes Are you...
  8. New HT set up - Center or Sub first?

    Wanted to get some input on where I go next. Got myself a 65" C9 over the holidays and quickly realized I needed some better sound. I invested in some discounted gear and picked up a Denon X3500H and a pair of Klipsch RP-280F's and I really like the set up. Sounds fantastic. But, just like...
  9. FS: Focal CC700s Center Speaker

    Audio Gear
    Listing for a local friend. This center is in great shape, no issues. Rated an 8 for age. He used this in a dedicated theater room with his Focal Aria 936's and ended up finding a matching center to the Aria's. Buyer pays shipping and PP fees. No original box, but will be packed well for...
  10. Center channel content going to left surround speaker

    General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms
    Hi all, I was watching a movie a week ago in my basement HT (see signature for equipment) and at one point the center speaker contact was coming out the left surround speaker for some reason. I paused the movie and then unpaused it and it went back to normal. has anyone heard of this? why do...
  11. Sonance setup for new media room

    I am building a new house and will have a media room and am looking for advice. I am going with in-wall/ceiling speakers even though I understand that these are not ideal. Here is what I have: Sonance VP69 x2 VP65r SUR x 2 VP65s sst x 2 VP61r x 2 I was planning on using the VP69 as front...
  12. FS: Revel Performa3 C208 - Center channel speaker (Piano Black)

    Audio Gear
    No longer for sale/available.
  13. Jamo C10 CEN - Gloss white

    Audio Gear
    For Sale: Jamo C10 CEN and Jamo C103 - Gloss white ($400) SOLD SOLD SOLD locally for price indicated below. One year old Jamo C10 center channel and Jamo C103 bookshelf speaker pair. Gloss white finish. Very good condition - couple of small scratches on the C10 - see photos for details...
  14. Annoying rattle in my center channel

    Hi everyone, It seems as though the right driver (maybe?) on my Klipsch RC-52 center channel is generating / causing a rather annoying rattle noise at certain mid frequencies (usually during dialog). Anyone have any tips for troubleshooting / isolating the noise and hopefully fixing it? It's...
  15. Unstable Stands only giving me centre imaging only in highs

    2-Channel Audio
    I've made some diy stands out of PVC and filled them up with sand. The PVC I chose ended up being too thin and there's some flex in the pipe since they're pretty high up which causes some wobble if pushed. I've been doing some proper speaker placement for the first time and playing with phantom...
  16. [FS] Klipsch Icon KF-26 towers, center channel, Sony STR-DH740 receiver

    Audio Gear
    Selling two tower speakers, accompanying center channel, and Sony STR-DH740 7.2 receiver in effort to downsize to a simpler setup (soundbar). Located in SoCal and can demo speakers upon pick-up. No issues, no scratches, all in perfect working order. Tower speakers: $225 for both Center...
  17. Center Channel in the Ceiling?

    Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat
    I am building a new house. The A/V contractor installed the wired for all five (two rear, two front and one center) surround sound speakers in the ceiling, including the Center channel. Is this really the best location for the center channel?
  18. Energy Veritas Mini Centers and Bookshelfs

    Audio Gear
    Hello All I have three Energy Veritas Mini Centers and 4 Mini Bookshelves for sale. I used the three for the front stage, L/R/C set up. Two rosewood and one piano black. Bookshelves are the rosewood were used for surround and wide setup. We are moving and have no place to put them :frown...
  19. WTB Ascend CMT-340 SE CENTER

    Audio Gear
    No Longer WTB Ascend CMT-340 SE CENTER Complete. I have my speaker Thanks, Bob
  20. FS: Brand New Jamo C 10 Center Speaker in White

    Audio Gear
    Selling a brand new unopened Jamo C 10 Center Speaker in original packaging. Color is white. Asking $320.00 OBO. Local pickup/meet up in the DC, MD, VA area would be ideal. Will ship if buyer pays. Some Specs: Weight (Kg/lb) 11.8 / 26 Power Handling (Watts Long/Short Term) 160 / 320...