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  1. Speakers
    OK...here is some info below about what I have and what I want to attach to it. Receiver Yamaha RXV667 90W, 7.2 (I am utilizing the 7.2) I currently have some average Cerwin Vega V-12F fronts and a Polk CS10 center. I am looking to replace these with something better. I love the Vega's for...
  2. Speakers
    Hey everyone, Anyone have experience with any of the Emotiva studio monitor speakers? Looking for something more portable that still packs a punch. Bass is preferred. I'd rather EQ it down and I don't need studio quality, just hear good things about Emotiva and the size of these speakers...
  3. Speakers
    I need some info. The last two weekends I have blown out my tweeters in two different speakers. I have a Onyko TX-8511 powering (2) Cerwin Vega VE-12F speakers. I use a Sonos Connect to listen to my music. I usually listen to my music loud and have had it much louder in the past with no...
1-3 of 4 Results