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  1. Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP
    Just received a Chief RSM mini elite projector mount for my Benq W1070, which I ordered on the basis of strong reviews here. Two things seem very odd. First, instead of micro-adjustment screws for yaw, pitch, and roll, there are just holes through which you can see the geared tracks that...
  2. Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP
    I have an Epson 3010 and in the market for a mount. From the settings, it looks like i have to physically flip it upside down, I was hoping to set it on a high shelf and just inverse the image but that is not the case (unless I'm looking at the wrong area). So my question is - What mount do...
  3. Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP
    Hello, I'm building my first home theater, and I plan to ceiling mount. I will be throwing from 14' away onto a 120" diagonal screen. Since I only have 87" from floor to ceiling, and I know that the offset of the projector is about 9", I was hoping someone could recomment a good ceiling mount...
1-3 of 3 Results