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  1. FS: Classe SSP-800 7 Channel Pre-Amp/Processor (Mint) 1.4 HDMI Board

    Audio Gear
    Classe SSP 800 processor in excellent condition. This unit sounds amazing and I bought this from an authorized dealer. The touchscreen is in good shape however it is a little finicky. I mainly use the remote and OSD. Includes all original accessories including machined black aluminum remote...
  2. Classe ssp600

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    I have an old classe ssp600. Would really appreciate if someone could help out with an old classe ssp-600 preamp. It runs fine for a few minutes (about 6-10min) after which the volume switches off. I can still operate the menus etc. but I have the switch the unit on and off to get it to work...
  3. Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 Pictures and Impressions

    2-Channel Audio
    Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019 has wrapped! This year it took place at the Gaylord Rockies Resort and Convention Center. It's a huge facility with some very nice rooms. The facility is so large, the rooms were rather spread out over 8 floors as well as the convention area, so lots of walking and...
  4. Sound United Enters Agreement to Acquire Onkyo Home Audio

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    In a major move that’s sure to reverberate through the entire AV industry, Sound United has entered a “term sheet” agreement to acquire Onkyo Home Audio. If the deal goes through, that brings Onkyo, Integra, Pioneer and Pioneer Elite brands under the same roof as Denon, Polk Audio, Marantz...
  5. AVS Forum Meetup with Sound United at CEDIA 2018

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Sound United is hosting an exclusive meetup for AVS Forum members at its CEDIA booth on Friday, September 7. Come see what's new and say hi to your fellow AVSers! If you're heading to the CEDIA Expo next week in San Diego, CA, Sound United is hosting a special event for AVS Forum members at...
  6. Replace Lexicon MC-8 Processor with ?

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    I am using a Lexicon MC-8 B (balanced outputs between processor and amps) processor for my home theater. I am interested in learning what brands/models I should consider in replacing this unit. My primary focus is listening to music first. My second focus is home theater. I do use the Logic 7...
  7. No sound from Classe CDP-502 through HDMI

    DVD Players (Standard Def)
    I feel a little goofy to have to post this question to this forum, because (I hope) the answer will be very simple. My hunch is that I have looked over something very obvious... But here goes. My setup is CDP-502 to SSP-800 (HDMI 1.3 Dual SSP) to CA-5200. The CDP is connected to HDMI1 on the...
  8. Sound System of the Week with Classé, Snell, Proceed, Theta and SVS 7.1 Surround

    Audio Theory, Setup, and Chat
    Here's an interesting system from Joe Benedetto—aka @BI0DRAINX on AVS Forum—that combines vintage high-end speakers from the defunct Snell brand, an SVS PB13-Ultra subwoofer, Theta amplification for the L/R mains, Classé Sigma SSP surround-sound processing, and more to achieve 7.1...
  9. Power for B&W 802d

    I have a pair of B&W 802d (not d2/d3, the first version of the diamond). I have been powering these speakers with an Proceed AMP5. I have been wanting to purchase an amplifier that better matches these speakers for a while. I have moved and the system is in a much larger room; so now is a good...
  10. Amplifer for B&W 802d

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    I have a pair of B&W 802d (not d2/d3, the first version of the diamond). I have been powering these speakers with an Proceed AMP5. I have been wanting to purchase an amplifier that better matches these speakers for a while. I have moved and the system is in a much larger room; so now is a good...
  11. The Cinema Designer Software Supports Up To 32Channel System

    Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    The Cinema Designer is a subscription cloud-based design tool that generates technically accurate home theater designs using software that incorporates the experience of Trinnov, makers of ultra high-end 32-channel AV processors. "Designing high channel count theatres for optimal results is...
  12. AVS Forum 2-Channel Speaker Review Reference System: Discussion Thread

    A new system for official AVS Forum 2-channel speaker reviews Speakers and subwoofers are my two favorite types of audio products to review. That's because the impact they have on a system is so profound, whether we're talking 2-channel, surround-sound, or 3D immersive audio. Amps, DACs, and...
  13. Classé Sigma SSP MKII with 4K UHD and Dolby Atmos Announced

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    At ISE 2017 in Amsterdam, Classé announced an update to its Sigma SSP pre/pro that adds support for 4K UHD video as well as Dolby Atmos plus DTS:X immersive audio. The new model, called the Sigma SSP MKII, will sell for $6000 and owners of the Sigma SSP can purchase an upgrade to MKII capability...
  14. Classé Sigma 2200i Stereo Integrated Amplifier Announced

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Montreal-based Classé Audio is known for its elegant, high-end electronics including amplifiers, integrated amps, and preamplifier/processors. Now, the company is adding a new stereo integrated amplifier to its lineup, in the form of the Sigma 2200i. The 2200i sports the same look and...
  15. Classe Adds 350W MONO Amplifier to Sigma Lineup

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Fans of Classé's compact but capable Sigma Series have a new amplification option to consider. The Sigma MONO is a 350-watt (8 ohms), 700-watt (4 ohms) monophonic amplifier that features class D architecture and a heavy-duty switch-mode power supply. As a result of this modern and advanced...
  16. Classe CA-2100 Initial Review with B&W 805s speakers

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    I've asked around a few times and tried to understand if a dedicated Amp would really make a difference in my setup or not, and never got a clear answer... Here's my review of Classe CA-2100 and how it works for a setup like mine. Current Setup Pioneer Elite SC-67 B&W 805S B&W XTC (center)...
  17. Marantz AV8802 NEW IN BOX

    Audio Gear
    I have a Marantz AV8802 new in box, as a result of an order error (long story), but this piece is in high demand, short supply, and this is an unopened brand new piece. Feel free to PM me if interested. -David
  18. Classe CP-500 Pre Amp

    Audio Gear
    Used Classe Audio CP-500 Preamp Has less than 100 hours on units. Includes remote for CP-500. http://www.classeaudio.com/delta/delta-cp500.htm Retail $3500.00 http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/classe_cp500.htm Priced at only $2,000 The Classé CP-500 is an outstanding example of...
  19. Emotiva XPA-2 Or Classe' CA2300 for B&W Diamond Series?

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
     So my question is, I am looking at buying a pair of 803 or 802 Diamond speakers from Bowers & Wilkins and i am trying to decide who would give me the warmer, clear sound. I'm looking between the XPA-2 300wx2 or the CA2300 300wx2 from Classe'. What are your opinions on these?
  20. Krell vs Classe vs McIntosh

    Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Hello everyone, I need help here, please. I'm looking at two Amps from Krell. The Evolution 2250e and the Evolution 302e. From Classe I'm looking at the Delta Series CA-M600. And from McIntosh, I'm looking at the MC452. I have listen to the McIntosh MC452, Krell 2250e and the Classe...