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  1. General Home Theater & Media/Game Rooms
    I currently have a home theater system in need of updating. I just switched out the TV for a Sharp 70" Aquos 4K Ultra HD Smart TV a month ago. The next to go is the receiver. I have a Marantz SR8000, which doesn't even support HD. I plan to keep the Mirage speakers (5.1) which are the same...
  2. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    I haven't seen much discussion in this category relating to Acurus amps and preamps. I know they reconstituted themselves a few years back, and their web site features several new amplifiers and one preamp. Does anyone know what the conventional wisdom is on this manufacture?
  3. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Hey everybody, looking at a Marantz AV pre/pro and a Parasound Amp. This is maybe a ridiculous question, but how and from where is the output volume controlled? There is only a power button on the Parasound Halo A51 Should I assume the Marantz feeds a volume level?
  4. HDTV Technical
    I have a Winegard 7697p connected to a Channel Master CM-7777 preamplifier mounted in my garage attic (equivalent of a second floor). Below is my TVFool chart. I get "good" reception according to my television on all of the yello and pink channels EXCEPT Fox (48 / 57.1). My TV doesn't even...
  5. HDTV Technical
    Can a RF amp add visible picture noise or artifacts to a ATSC or QAM carrier/channel that one could/would actually see a difference? I got into a discussion elsewhere where someone stated he could tell the difference with a amp in line on a CATV system adding noise and artifacts to the...
  6. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Well now that there are some of us that actually own this amazing pre/pro, it's now time to officially get this thread started. ___________________________________________________________ Firmware Revision Thanks to MarkB for sharing this most useful info. From Japan website concerning...
1-6 of 6 Results