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  1. LCD Flat Panel Great Found Deals!
    Hi, Not exactly sure whether or not this is the right place to be asking, but I'm currently looking at buying a Hisense 43A7100FTUK 43" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (like this one here: hisense 43a7100ftuk 43" - Google Shopping). However, there are two things I'm currently unsure about. For starters...
  2. Game Room Equipment & Accessories
    Hey there, Recently upgraded to a new television and while this has been an issue for a number of years a change has occurred. I want to be able to switch between both component and composite inputs with a hybrid composite/component input. Currently I own a 4 way Component splitter/switcher but...
  3. General Gaming Help
    Hi there guys, a newbie here. Im thinking about getting a video scaler for my vintage consoles ( nes, snes, n64). Since I live in Mexico and Im on a budget expensive high end scalers like the xrgb mini and such are not a viable option for me. I just found this cheap one Extron IN 1502 ( cant...
  4. Digital Projectors - Under $3,000 USD MSRP
    I've been a sometime participant here for several years, concentrating on my Panasonic DVDRs, principally, with an occasional excursion into BD player territory. I've been teaching a film class at a non-profit school for about five years and have struggled a bit, but not much, with older, even...
  5. Receivers, Amps, and Processors
    Is it possible to connect a Roku or Apple TV to a receiver that does not have HDMI connections? Is there a converter for composite to HDMI?
  6. Video Processors
    Hi, I am trying to give computer screen out to Datavideo SE-500 mixer. I tried mini HDMI2AV and realized that resolution is very low with very big icons. Is there any low-cost device to convert HDMI to AV with a decent resolution?
  7. Cable, Digital Cable - Non-HDTV
    I'm working on a friend's house boat and have come to a challenge. Here's the set up..... 1 Direct TV, standard def box stored on the deck. It has a coax out to a 2 way splitter. One side sends the signal to a tv on the deck, and the other side sends the signal to a tv in the master bedroom...
  8. Direct View (single tube) CRT Displays
    Hi, I've got an old 32" tv with a broken Coax input. I've got a coax wall jack that is fed from a DTV box shared with another tv. Is there any cost effective way to get the coax wall jack connected to the TV (which has composite and s video in? Thanks!
  9. OLED Technology and Flat Panels General
    Alas, my Olevia is dying; whatever IC drives red is leaking and my beautiful picture is full of blotches. So I'm looking for something in the ~35"size I can afford, but.... they all seem to fall short in the I/O dept. My set has 2 HDMI 2 Component 2 Composite 2 SVideo 1 VGA digital audio out...
  10. Nintendo
    I have a PAL N64 that can output either composite or S-Video, a Panasonic TX-P50ST50B plasma, and an Onkyo TX-NR515 AVR. Unfortunately I can't find a satisfactory method of hooking it up to my TV. The TV has no S-Video port and neither does my AVR, which makes this more complicated than I'd...
  11. DVD Recorders (Standard Def)
    I have been trying to find Windows drivers for a composite-to-USB adapter. It has no box-like things anywhere along it, which suggests that it probably doesn't do much other than directly channel the data on to some USB pins. I also don't know what brand/model it is. When I plug it in, Windows...
1-11 of 11 Results