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  1. Speakers
    Hi Audiophiles, Is there a sound difference between the A5+ Bamboo and A5+ Black? I am looking to purchase them and wanted to know if the Bamboo makes any difference in SQ. If so is it beneficial? Thanks
  2. Home Theater Computers
    Welcome to the (un)official guide to building a media storage server. Why is a "Storage Server" relevant today? Because media collections have outgrown what a few harddisks installed in an HTPC can handle. A centralized approach to media storage is especially relevant for people in homes with...
  3. Home Theater Computers
     Guide to Building a Home Theater PC Buyer's Guide to Building a Home Theater PC - October/November 2011 Announcement (updated on October 1, 2011) Here is the basic plan for "Buyer's Guide to Building a Home Theater PC" (formerly "Recommended HTPC Systems"): 1. Issues and Editions...
  4. Home Theater Computers
    EDIT: Some quick links and info: (I'm going to keep updating this over the next couple of days...) SPECIAL THANKS to Arfster, exDeus, ToughRowToHoe, and others who have offered valuable info and answered hundreds of posts! Arfster's summary post of Reg Tweaks...
1-4 of 4 Results