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  1. This and That
    Here's the description: The Power Console PF60 delivers the ultimate power conditioning for serious audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts. With 13 programmable outlets and Phase 6 Pure Filter Circuitry, the PF60 offers six isolated filters to provide clean and clear power to all of your...
    $120 USD
  2. Accessories
    Up for sale PS Audio PerfectWave Power Plant P10 Power Plant provides a cleaner and more stable power to your system by remaking the 120 volt AC so it is free from noise and remains stable. REGENERATOR is a way better choice for a Hi-End system than any power conditioner. Regenerator is the...
  3. Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
    Hi all, has anyone tried this WAudio W-3900 power conditioner? It seems to have great reviews and not expensive.
  4. This and That
    FS: PS Audio Power Plant Premier (PPP) Silver SOLD Sold. Excellent condition w/ box, manual, remote, etc. Original owner. Available for quick pickup/look at in Los Angeles area. Brian
  5. This and That
    This has been a reliable surge protector and Battery backup for my home theater. I no longer have my home theater and therefore have no use for this. --SOLD-- The battery has been well maintained and still provides ample power for your devices. Use this especially if you have a nice audio...
1-5 of 5 Results