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  1. Theater Room Items & Accessories
    Hi all, is there a brand of entertainment units where they actually make it with audio/video components in mind? For example I found BDI, but they are expensive. Looking for something similar but less expensive.
  2. CD Players & Dedicated Music Transports
    This unit has me baffled a Fredric Audio Systems MP3 player/recorder MC-1. Found via shopgoodwill, I can find NOTHING about it online. Fredricaudio.com was up in 2018 and one basic page is saved on archive.org's wayback machine. The site looks like it wa registered to a home theater...
  3. Xbox Area
    Hi all, For a while I have been looking to buy an Xbox One X for gaming. I do own a Samsung KS8000 4k HDR TV, hence the recent issues with 4k HDR was my main concern to wait. Today I heard there seems to be a fix for the HDR issue. Could someone let me know if this completely fixes the black...
  4. Home Theater Gaming
    I posted this on the HDTV Forums too in hopes of getting some answer from there. I am so confused about how 4K 60hz works. Right now I have a PC that is capable of 4K and 60hz or 60fps and I also have a PS4 Pro which can do the same too. I also have the Samsung KU6300. I did some research and I...
  5. General Gaming Help
    I've been searching the internet far and wide for the perfect TV that meets my budget and needs, but alas my quest so far has been for nothing. So now I call upon you, people of the internet, to see if you know of such TVs that I have only seen in my most wildest of dreams. First, I am a...
  6. Accessories
    I have a "like new" StudioTech U-22T that we are selling. It comes with: -Heavy Duty Rolling Caster (URC-6) -StudioTech Ultra Series Fan Kit (RM-QTFP-2) -Studio Tech Rack Rails (RM-7) -StudioTech Media Storage (RM-D4) Here is a link to their website http://studiotech.com/ Here is a review...
1-6 of 7 Results