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  1. Front Projector
    Maybe a hobbyist wants 'em. Working condition when I decommissioned them (Pro 900 has a mount bracket broken on middle tube but was able to stabilize when mounted). Free for pickup 20151 Northern Virginia.
    $0 USD
  2. Display Devices
    Looking to buy Sony Trinitron Kv-32xbr100. I am also interested in some other Trinitron XBR televisions. Willing to travel a reasonable distance for pick-up.
    $100 CAD
  3. Direct View CRT
    I'm looking for 24" CRT computer monitor, any variation/brand of the Sony FW900 would be awesome. Also looking for any of the super fine pitch widescreen 34" Sony TV's that have the HDMI input. The KD34XBR960 is preferred, but also the KD34XS955. I'm near St. Louis, but I am willing to travel to...
    $123 USD
  4. Direct View CRT
    EDIT: Found on ebay. Looking specifically for a spare B board for my 40XBR800 - part number A-1300-327-A, or A-1300-325-A as well. I'd also be interested in any other spare parts from your old XBR to keep on hand when I need to do repairs. Please let me know what you have and hopefully we can...
    $50 USD
  5. Plasma Flat Panel Displays
    Hello! I'm hotmediamaster, and I'm a little new here. I love displays and I'd love to join this forum! I am joining this forum because I need guidance and tips on how to get the most out of my displays. My main displays include LCDs, Plasmas, and especially CRTs I own a KRP-500m as my only...
  6. Direct View (single tube) CRT Displays
    Hi all. I’ve just picked up an MX4000 from eBay but getting some horrible horizontal banding on the screen. This is basically a band that extends from pixels into dark/empty screen area, so not noticeable when the game is in play, but wondered if it’s an indication of a problem with the tv?
  7. Display Devices For Sale
    Still works and in good condition. The RGB tubes were replaced some time ago, and maybe have maybe a couple hundred hours on them. It's been off sitting under my desk for 5 years, and it's finally time to say goodbye. There is the original remote for it, though the last time I checked it didn't...
  8. Blu-ray Players
    Backstory: I have a 32” SD CRT with component inputs for retro gaming, but I also like watching DVDs on it (as that’s the proper screen they were meant for), but I want to play Blu Ray on it as a test (I have heard mixed things about the specific Blu Ray I’m using, the DBZ 4:3 Steelbook). I want...
  9. Direct View (single tube) CRT Displays
    I need advice before continuing on a "retro" gaming project of mine. I was looking for a CRT, any CRT, and got this one for free. (DELL E773s) Checked to see if it worked at the location (took it home anyways), and (FIZZZZzzzzz) a noise about the loudness of a harsh whisper comes from it, and it...
  10. Direct View CRT
    I recently acquired one of these behemoths and it was pulled out of the wood case. I am looking for schematics/service manual for it and I am unable to find one. I know there was only 1000 made, so maybe the manuals are hard to come by as well. Any help is appreciated as I'm trying to get it...
  11. Direct View (single tube) CRT Displays
    I have a hand-me-down Samsung 27" CRT model TXR2765X/XAA, s/n 39GG3CCY501187E. The remote will turn the unit on and off and adjust the volume, but I can't get any menu to display on the TV, either with the menu button on the remote or the menu button on the TV. Batteries in remote are good. TV...
  12. Display Calibration
    Hello, does anyone know how to get into service mode on a Hitachi TT-87031? Another page says it's the G9LXU chassis and these are similar models: CT7831K CT7872B CT7872K CT7881B CT7881K CT7882B CT7882BA CT7882K CT7882KA CT7892B TE67002 TN77000 TN77032 The remote is CLU-570PR. Thank you!
  13. Direct View (single tube) CRT Displays
    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I just picked up a Sony KV-32FS120. It appeared fine when I picked it up but after transporting it home I noticed some issues. I did some research and I'm having trouble figuring out the solution. First, the image was tilted. I fixed this using the menu. I will later...
  14. Direct View CRT
    Loewe Aconda ACO9303 30" CRT 1080i on component and VGA inputs (other lower-res inputs, too) Includes Loewe base with built-in speakers $100 OBO Pick-up only in St George, UT (
  15. Direct View (single tube) CRT Displays
    My CRT monitor (NEC FE2111SB/Mitsubishi Diamond Plus 230SB) has a blooming when brigter things are dispalyed. Is it normal for such bright objects and CRT? Is it CRT effect (voltage dips) or on glass effect? (1st picture - with 5 rectangles) The bloom is torward the center (the dot in the...
  16. Front Projector
    Free Electrohome Marquee 8000 CRT projector with remote and manual. Was previously used in my home theater 10 years ago. Has been sitting unused since. Good for parts or tinkering. Local pickup in southern New Hampshire (03447)
  17. Direct View (single tube) CRT Displays
    I'm trying to repair this TV that I found in the trash. Notice the dark shadows to the right of everything on the screen. I took out the circuit board and looked it over. I can't find any bad solder connections or bad capacitors. I'm suspecting a bad capacitor somewhere but everything looks...
  18. Direct View (single tube) CRT Displays
    When I first got this set, the circuit breaker was bad so I bypassed it. Now I can get a click out of the relay when I hit the power button and the tuner indicator light comes on but I get nothing else. No HV/raster or sound. The only service manual I could find was from SAMS ($22 on their site...
  19. Direct View (single tube) CRT Displays
    Hello I have one of Sony's behemoth 40-inch XBR Trinitron televisions, the KV-40XBR800. It's developed this pattern when it's first turned on that appears as what I can only describe as wavering, slowly rotating lines. It lasts about 5 minutes and fades away completely and will not happen again...
  20. Rear Projection
    -Austin, TX- I'm really hoping someone here at AVS forum in the Austin area sees this and has a need, as I know folks here will much more greatly appreciate this than random Craigslist folks. I've finally moved on to OLED but the ol' Mits still runs great! This is a fantastic TV that has held...
1-20 of 46 Results