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  1. Accessories
    D-BOX 4400c (GEN1) Complete Motion System with accessories in like new condition! 1 x G1 4400c Motion System (Max. Load Capacity: 1600 lbs) 1 x KAI-1P Controller 4 x Aluminum Cups 2 x IEC Power Cables 2 x 10' CAT5e Shielded Cables 8 x ''L'' Bracket with screws Ask 5000$USD + shipping
    $5,000 USD
  2. Accessories
    For sale is my complete D-Box system which includes two premium power-recline leather chairs, the new HEMC motion code controller (brand new - unregistered and unused) as well as the original 340C controller. The chairs are in perfect condition; no pets, no sun, no smoking, no kids. The...
  3. Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)
    Let’s chat about VR (virtual reality) and home entertainment for a minute. Oculus—the VR innovator Facebook bought a couple years back— is only four years old, and Samsung’s Gear VR—which falls under the Oculus umbrella—was only recently released. Although VR Goggles have been a feature at CES...
  4. This and That
    I have a brand new motion actuator kit from d-box. Never been mounted to a seat. This is the 3 axis actuator system as seen on the link. I also have 2 kinechain adapters. These are for linking multiple systems together. MSRP $9,499 for the kit plus the 2 kinechain adapters Asking $8,000...
1-4 of 4 Results