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  1. Digital Hi-End Projectors - $3,000+ USD MSRP
    I had a JVC RS40 which I used together with a Da-Lite 110" High Power screen. I have had this idea that bright projectors such as the recent Epson/Panasonic ones (or even DLPs such as W7000) which have lower native contrast can still generate a 2D image that can match that of a JVC if they are...
  2. Dedicated Theater Design & Construction
     Hello, Long, Long, Long time lurker (seldom poster) here ready with my very own (finally) dedicated build thread. My name is Steve, obviously, and I was given the nickname "Scuba" back in the day when I worked a the aforementioned A/V store at the release of Adam Sandlar's "Big Daddy"...
1-2 of 2 Results