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  1. Screens
    Help please, I have a 106 inch Elunevision manual pull down screen, it came with V's in it. I don't know if they are getting worse or I just can't see anything but them anymore. It is ruining my whole setup! I don't even want to use my projector now. Is there anyway to minimize them? I...
  2. Screens
    High Power The name says it all! Over the years I've had the privilege of reviewing dozens of screens. It started out with my personal quest to get a screen for my own home theater environment and viewing habits, to now getting the best possible image for movie viewing. If you've read...
  3. Screens
    OK. A lot of people have been wanting this. This site has helped me out a lot in my decision making, and I hope this helps to "pass it along". Due to reasons I won't bore anyone with yet, I ended up with a Dalite Model B High Contrast Matte White, and a High Power Screen. I'm shooting a 1HD...
1-3 of 3 Results